• Bordeaux - EN (digital)
  • Bordeaux - EN (digital)
  • Bordeaux - EN (digital)
  • Bordeaux - EN (digital)

Bordeaux - EN (digital)

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Bordeaux, /bo:gdo/, just like Burgundy, gives name to a color and the wine produced in the namesake region. It comes as no surprise that the Bordeaux color is a wine-red hue, the tone of the popular drink produced in this renowned wine-growing region. This port city is located in South West France, just 180km away from La Rochelle and 170km away from Biarritz; all of them aligned in parallel to the Atlantic Coast.

◆ 62 city tips.

◆ Weekend trip and short stay.

◆ City, neighborhoods, culture, nature and beach.

156 pages.


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