When we travel we try to acquire pieces specific to each place. At first glance it may be a symbol of a common souvenir, but over time that piece chosen with a series of values ​​(artisanal, of local origin, for its design or for the meaning it has of the place it comes from...), becomes in an object that beautifies part of your daily life or better yet, some corner of your house. Therefore, this souvenir mention is dedicated to the collaboration between Actos x A.Corot , where everyday pieces are elevated to be a masterpiece.


With this premise, the beautiful union between Elena Ferrer and Alejandra Marroquín is born. Elena, ceramicist and founder of ACTOS, combines and transforms everyday objects such as plates or jugs, providing a new aesthetic value that, together with Alejandra's paintings, creates a new look, being pieces of art and contemplation while being enjoyed in use. It is clear that their union is a celebration of craftsmanship, art and design in a wide range of objects designed as works of art, but at the same time, functional for everyday use. An impeccable way to bring beauty to those small moments.


This unique edition not only breathes the Mediterranean, since both were born there, Elena in Barcelona and Alejandra in Alicante, who invite us to those after-meals or long summer dinners, but they also make us travel to France, since their inspiration in love, has been designed and developed in the sound and beautiful French, with vibrant, harmonious colors and delicious typography.

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