What is Le Periplo?

Le Periplo is an independent publisher of travel guides, both physical and digital, that stands out from commonly known guides by providing recommendations through an organic journey through the destination, city details, local recommendations, iconic locations... Supported with photographic visual content, maps, and carefully curated information.

¿Dónde se editan y se producen?

The guides are edited between Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and are printed and bound manually in Spain, in small productions to be able to update the content and improve the quality of the product in each new edition.

What type of content does Le Periplo offer?

Le Periplo offers a collection of physical and digital travel guides as its main product. Unique details are highlighted to provide a complete and authentic view of each location. In addition, it offers articles in its Journal section about other destinations, hotel and restaurant reviews, experience recommendations, gastronomic recipes and collaborations with local artists.

What is the difference between Weekender guides and complete Le Periplo guides?

Le Periplo Weekender guides are digital only and designed for short-term trips, such as weekend getaways or short stays. They typically focus on the highlights of a specific part of the city or destination, providing detailed suggestions for places to visit, eat, and activities to enjoy for a couple of days.

Le Periplo's complete guides, both physical and digital, offer a deeper and more exhaustive vision of the destination, allowing you to plan and enjoy a more complete experience. They are ideal for longer trips, where you want to explore a city or region in depth. These guides include detailed information about history, culture, activities, restaurants, shops, points of interest, among other aspects.

Does the physical guide include the digital guide? How do I get the Google Maps map?

The physical guide does not include the digital guide; They are two products that are marketed differently. However, both guides provide access to the Google Maps map. In the case of the physical guide, you will receive an email after confirming the order, thanking you for joining our trip and providing you with a link where you can access the map at any time, in case you do not carry the printed guide with you at all times . As for the digital guide, the access link to Google Maps is at the end of it, on the back cover, where it says "Click here" or "Click here."

How do you pack my order?

Your Le Periplo trip will arrive correctly packaged in tissue paper and inside a box the size of the book, with the brand identity clearly visible so that it is immediately recognizable when delivered by the courier. In addition, we include a bookmark that describes the chosen destination as a gift.

How long does it take for my guide to arrive after I make the purchase?

Your Le Periplo guide ships within 2 to 5 days from the time of purchase. In the case of shipments within the peninsula, except on exceptional occasions (Easter and holidays), they arrive between 3 and 5 days after being sent. For shipments outside the peninsula, the delivery time is 5 to 10 days, while for the rest of Europe it is 10 to 15 days. More information about shipping here.

Can I exchange or return my guide?

We cannot exchange or refund delivered digital and printed items, such as our guides and magazines. However, if you received your product damaged through no fault of ours and you or received the wrong item, please contact our customer service at hola@leperiplo.com and we will resolve the issue. There are some situations where only full or partial refunds can be guaranteed: (if applicable), but the primary option will be replacement. More information here .

What payment method do you accept?

Le Periplo accepts payment by credit or debit card. Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Mastercard, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Shop Pay.

Can I use Le Periplo product photographs?

You are welcome to use product photos from our online store in your blog or online store, as long as you correctly credit Le Periplo and link back to our Home or product page. All content on our website is protected by copyright. High resolution product photos are available upon request at hola@leperiplo.com.

How can I contact the Le Periplo team if I have additional questions?

For general questions, contact hola@leperiplo.com , via chat or the contact page using the form.

For wholesale/online store questions, contact etravelleperiplo@gmail.com .

How can I contribute or collaborate with Le Periplo in the creation of content?

Tell us how you can contribute to the team, your ideas or proposals through the contact page using the form.

Is there a discount option for Le Periplo guides?

Yes, if you subscribe you will receive a 10% discount on your first purchase. In addition, by being subscribed to the Newsletter, you will be up to date with the news, additional content and future discounts or promotions that Le Periplo carries out so that you can enjoy your trips in various ways, also travel through the senses in our Journal section and Le Retreats .