Dutch gastronomy is the result of the fusion of influences from all over the world and hence its mix of flavors.

In Amsterdam there is a wide range of restaurants for all tastes. The most typical and recognized food is, of course, fried potatoes, frieten , with a wide variety of sauces. The vegetarian offering is quite diverse. But before talking about the star dish, we cannot ignore the sweets and desserts, stroopwafel , two thin waffles with caramel in the middle that are served hot, and the apple pie , which in the Amsterdam guide , we reveal the best in town. The dish that deserves our mention, a dish that you will find in any good restaurant worth its salt in Amsterdam because it is a very delicious, healthy and perfect recipe to warm up at this time of year. Tomato soup with basil and parmesan, tomatonsoep , a Dutch recipe that is usually offered as a dish of the day due to its simple preparation and because it responds to the tastes of the majority. After this dish, there is no cold that can resist a long walk through the city's canals. At the end of this post we will reveal two recommendations where the best tomato soup tested by Le Periplo is served.


Cafe van Kerkwijk

A typical Dutch restaurant located in the center of the city, a few minutes from Dam Square. Its menu for lunch or dinner is exquisite. It takes the most elaborate execution of its Dutch gastronomic culture to the maximum, with some French bistro traits. A very cozy and charming place with no established menu where they change the menu every day and present it as they go.

Nes 41, 1012 KC, Amsterdam


The goal of anyone who has been strolling along the four canals and ends up in the hustle and bustle of the flower market should be this restaurant. Brunch and/or lunch specialty and the reason is the menu of hearty and well-prepared sandwiches for all tastes, and the soup of the day, which if it is tomato, all the better.

Singel 441, 1012 WP, Amsterdam

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