Summer plans have their days numbered, but we can still squeeze in short trips that allow us to extend this beautiful summer feeling. So, if you have already gone on vacation and want to stretch that hedonism that takes over us a little more, we give you some tips so that you can choose a destination that will put the icing on the cake at the end of your summer.

A common denominator of these destinations? Sea or Mountain, or both. Planning a trip that involves both a sea/beach destination and a mountain destination, or a combination of these two, can provide a very pleasant and complete vacation experience. In coastal destinations, the sea or spending days on the beach are the maximum for relaxation, but these can be combined with water activities, without forgetting the tireless search for flavors of local gastronomy. However, in mountain destinations, the main purpose is contact with nature and physical activity through different walks or routes. But when the destination has both options, it is a great plan to enjoy the relaxation of the waters and at the same time organize a route to be part of the best sunrise or sunset views in the area.

So take note of the suggestions and feel as if it were your first vacation of the year ;)

The Lanzarote Journey .
The Saint Jean de Luz Journey.
The Weekender O Grove Periplo.
The Weekender Asturias Periplo.
Le Periplo Weekender Cerdanya.
The Weekender Dénia Journey.
The Weekender Mallorca Trip.

*Consider destinations that are relatively closer to save travel time.
*Swimwear, clothing for outdoor activities and clothing for the night.
*It will probably coincide with local events or festivals that can add additional fun to the stay.
*Above all capture and enjoy the unique natural beauty of sea and mountain landscapes.


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