"Immerse yourself in the magic of craftsmanship and experience the authentic essence of Spanish heritage."

Casa Maricruz perpetuates and renews Spanish rural craftsmanship with a more minimalist and colorful style. It is deeply rooted in Spain's cultural identity and acts as a link between new generations and a national network of artisans who face challenges in a market that questions their traditional principles.

María Estrada is the founder behind the brand. Among its products, there are six collections made up of ceramics from Granada, Mérida, Cáceres and Huelva, in addition to glassware from Mallorca, wooden boards from Galicia and table linen from Mallorca and Galicia.

You can find all of their pieces on their own website .

Following sustainable standards, they use local materials to create durable and environmentally friendly products.

Explore the mastery of techniques passed down over centuries, where each piece in its collection tells a story by fusing modern elegance with enduring charm.

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Photos©Casa Maricruz

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