Turkish cuisine is tasty, varied and balanced, rich and seasoned thanks to the use of its countless spices, and is also the perfect union between Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine.

The very famous Döner Kebap, made of beef or lamb, the shish kebab accompanied by typical Turkish bread calledpida. Mezes (appetizers) are very popular. And to top off the entire gastronomic repertoire found in the Istanbul guide, there are Turkish desserts. A classic is baklava, puff pastry cake with pistachios or walnuts and honey. In the Spice Bazaar you can find lokum, a type of very common jelly beans: made of hazelnuts, walnuts or pistachios and wrapped with powdered sugar. And from the Spice Bazaar comes the recipe of the renowned chef Yotam Ottolenghi, who while walking through this emblematic, special and colorful location came across a famous kebap called Hamdi where he was able to taste the recipe that we share.


Jordi's Store

Inside the Bazaar is Jordi's store. As in many others, the main products are teas, spices, oils, dates and saffron. What makes it different from the rest is the treatment received and the quality of the product. Jordi, the owner, is charming and will make you have a good time, letting you try many of his products. An experience for the palate!

Mısır Çarşısı 20 34116, Istanbul

Şehzade Cağ Kebap

According to an article in The Guardian, it is one of the best places to enjoy a good kebab. The products are fresh, quality and taste excellent. Cağ Kebabi is a variant of marinated lamb, especially popular in Erzurum, which is cooked over wood, over low heat and with great care and horizontally. The space is small, full of locals and with good service.

Hoca Paşa Sk. 6 D:4 34110, Istanbul

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Photo ©Serax, tableware collection x Yotam Ottolenghi

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