Souvenirs are a way to travel through the memories that these elements transmit. Traveling without acquiring some souvenirs is not traveling. And it's not just any souvenir, it's a selection of local, artisanal products, whether traditional, designer or gastronomic.

Porto is another of the cities where tradition, craftsmanship and gastronomy are palpable when touring the city. The tiles, for example, present on its facades and characteristic of Portuguese architecture, have infinite designs and combinations. A visit to Gazete Azulejos on Rua Duque de Palmela 230, a store that seeks to perpetuate the art of wall tiles. They have a catalog in constant non-profit construction where they compile the patterns that decorate the facades of Porto, with research work on these tiles, the factories that produced them, the techniques, influences,...

Basket weaving is another of the ancient techniques common in local markets and artisan shops. And we cannot fail to mention the gastronomy, famous for its rich and authentic flavors. Some notable dishes and culinary products are Francesinha, cod or sardines, and, of course, the famous Port wine, a fortified and sweet wine enjoyed in aperitifs or desserts, with a wide range of names such as Graham's Tawny, Sandeman Porto, Taylor's...

Limited edition

The special mention in this “Souvenirs” section is again for the design and illustration with María García Salmerón , creative director and graphic designer. After a trip to Porto to disconnect, he tried the best sardines and wants to teleport us to that moment through this limited edition illustration. Your Souvenir postcard is that flavor memory to travel through the senses with Le Periplo x María García Salmerón, our gift for the purchase of a physical guide to Porto while supplies last.

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