MAR24 / APR24 / MAY24


Spring is near, and weekend getaways, Easter and the long-awaited long weekends begin. Traveling in March, April and May is like taking little pills that lead us towards summer vacation, with the excitement of the list of plans ahead. The days are gradually getting warmer and longer, inviting us to go out, to disconnect in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. In spring, except for the holidays, the destinations are not yet as busy, which allows us to enjoy more relaxed getaways. And best of all, cities are filled with vibrant colors: reds, pinks, yellows and greens, thanks to the flowers that adorn facades and parks, and a special light that is increasingly warmer.

Our list of destinations for spring and the reasons. ;)

The best time is at the end of April and May. The city is filled with festivities that dress it in color. One of the most important is Freedom Day, April 25. By then, the rains have stopped and it will be a good plan to walk, spend a lot of time outdoors or enjoy a wine on the shores of La Ribeira.

As the days lengthen, the fields and hills of the region become striking and vibrant. The vineyards and olive groves are in full bloom, creating a landscape in green and gold tones. Cities wake up from the winter slumber with festivals, open-air markets and cultural events.

Visiting the Costa Verde in spring means facing various weather conditions on the same day: rain, sun, cold and heat, all at the same time. However, what the route offers is constant beauty in the meadows and mountains, with the exuberant vegetation that so characterizes it, creating a spectacle of green tones and wild flowers, along with the turquoise blue of the Cantabrian Sea. Gastronomy can be your ally: if you are cold, turn to some delicious beans, and if you are hot, then a fresh cider.

It is a city that welcomes you at any time of the year, but we cannot deny that spring and the beginning of summer are the times when you can enjoy it most in all its facets. During these months, it is more pleasant to spend time walking, and there is also an important event in April: the Semaine des dégustations Primeurs, which consists of the first tastings of the previous harvest and is celebrated from April 22 to 25.

During this season, the city comes even more alive thanks to various festivals and events. The Keukenhof Tulip Festival, a park of more than 32 hectares with immense tulip gardens, opens its doors on March 23. It's the ideal time to go for bike rides, enjoy outdoor cafes, and soak in the city's blossoming beauty.

Spring in Copenhagen is perfect for exploring the city by bike and experiencing its warmer, more relaxed side, which residents enthusiastically show. Places like Tivoli Gardens, which reopens for the next 6 months, from March 22 to September 22, along with Botanisk Have and Kongens Have, are just a small part of everything you can enjoy in the city at this pleasant time of year.

We always say that any time of the year is ideal to visit this town, which invites you to take a leisurely stroll through its historic center, full of narrow streets with numerous attractions, especially in terms of local commerce. It is also charming to explore its picturesque fishing port and the Grande Plage promenade, which borders its long and beautiful beach. In spring, brave residents are already seen taking their first baths, as well as in autumn, when some resist the end of summer. Without a doubt, it is an escape to reconnect with the fishing tradition and the sea, a trip that is always worth it.

Starting in mid-April, the capital experiences its ideal temperature that lasts until the end of June. In addition, the city becomes even more lively due to various festivities, reaching a maximum of activity starting in the month of May, if a limit can be drawn, since in recent years it has been a 24/7/365 city. On May 15, San Isidro is celebrated, and throughout the month, the parks are filled with color, the terraces overflow with residents and tourists enjoying the sun until late at night. This is the trend from Thursday to Sunday.

As in Madrid, Barcelona displays a vibrant energy at that time that is the preamble to summer. The beautiful festival of Sant Jordi is also celebrated on April 23, during which a flower and a book are given, a day full of joy and color, and marking the beginning to enjoy the city in all its cultural, gastronomic and outdoor leisure, especially in its emblematic Barceloneta, where you can start enjoying time outdoors and get plenty of vitamin D.