Traveling is an enriching experience in every sense and there are many ways to do it. The most common and the one that has a direct relationship with Le Periplo, tries to discover wonderful corners of our planet but fortunately, it is not the only way. Souvenirs are also a way to travel through the memories that these elements transmit. And it is not just any souvenir, it is a selection of local, artisanal products, whether traditional, design, gastronomic or, as in this case, experiences. That's why we want to talk about two very talented and inspiring women who make us travel through their art, sisters Marta and Carla Cascales .


She is a pianist and composer of incredible sensitivity, she makes us travel and dream through her music. With classical roots and a contemporary and minimalist approach at the same time, his music combines elements of legendary composers such as Debussy and Bach but at the same time resonates with artists such as Ólafur Arnalds, Hania Rani or Max Richter. He has collaborated on dance, art and film projects. This wonderful pianist shares a studio with her sister, where you can listen to unique and very intimate piano concerts while surrounded by the works of Carla Cascales. Marta's music makes you feel, travel, enjoy and transports you to deep emotions. Marta is light and a very close person who transmits a very positive energy. An emotional, moving and highly recommended experience to relax and nourish the soul through its pieces full of magic and poetry. You can experience their music through Airbnb experience or enjoy their beautiful songs like Almost here, Contigo, Anoche, Ryōan-ji...


On the other hand, Carla Cascales is an independent artist who has always wanted to go further; she defines herself as a passionate, constant, minimalist, sensitive and curious person. His references range from Le Corbusier, Eduardo Chillida, Henri Matisse, Max Bill, Mies van der Rohe to Japanese roots such as Tadao Andō. His work is based on finding beauty in imperfection, in the depth of earthliness, in revering authenticity above all and the value of the passage of time as something positive. Always constantly searching for the essence of forms and the balance of materials. His paintings and sculptures have a minimalist aesthetic that denotes great sensitivity and delicacy. Her art has conquered us but not only us, her works have been exhibited in different cities such as Barcelona, ​​Madrid, New York, Los Angeles, London... Her latest sculptures and Skin and Raku paintings do not leave anyone indifferent.

The space where they work is a very special and intimate private space, with minimalist decoration, full of art and passion everywhere you look. Marta and Carla are two inspiring women who tell unique stories through their works. A duet of exceptional talent and incredible sensitivity that form the perfect souvenir for your visit to Barcelona, ​​to connect with a journey through the senses and take home a unique and unforgettable memory.

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Photos©Carla and Marta Cascales Alimbau

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