Each Le Periplo guide carefully treats local restaurants and gastronomy with great care and tact, with a common denominator: raw materials and seasonal products.

Nourishing yourself on a new trip while discovering flavors and ways of combining food is not a simple physiological fact, this act makes the traveler feel increasingly familiar and closer to that culture.

In this way, the guides also contribute to nourishing physically and emotionally as does the typical gastronomy of each place. This provides us with balance, connects us with the destination, trying, learning, acquiring new forms, giving us creativity and giving us a benefit within ourselves guided by that geographical and cultural journey in which gastronomy is of great importance for Le Periplo.

With this premise, we have developed an artistic direction with some of the guides to express that food is a very important part of the trip, where the senses of sight and taste are the most essential and present. In this case, we refer to sensory memory through the palate, since it is one of the most pleasant due to the sensations and emotions that are awakened when eating something especially delicious and its memory lasts in our taste buds, being able to take us back to that moment. special of the trip.

Travel through the senses

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