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It is an alternative, fresh and different gastronomic plan, designed for those who want to break the mold of restaurants with traditional dishes and discover new sensations.

It is very common, especially for those of us who live in Madrid and its surroundings, to plan a round trip during the day on the weekend, getting away from the crowds and the most crowded plans of the city. However, deciding to visit Segovia on a Saturday or Sunday also means assuming that part of the percentage of those people has had the same great idea as you ;). But in our constant search to change the register towards what we believe is the true essence of a destination, its combination with the traditional and the modern, the emerging, what adapts and integrates into a city, we find that this It is also reflected in its flavors. As here it is about traveling, discovering and knowing in any way, wherever and however it may be, here we leave you a new getaway plan to Segovia, specifically to Paloma's. It is an alternative, fresh and different gastronomic plan, designed for those who want to break the mold of restaurants with traditional dishes and discover new sensations.

Paloma's opened its doors in this historic city in October 2023, with a prime location just a 5-minute walk from the Roman aqueduct. Thanks to Silvana, from Madrid, and Jack, English, a couple with a shared passion for good food and travel, and above all for the journey of life, after more than 10 years living in London, they decided to bring their experience and culinary knowledge to Segovia, thus creating Paloma's, a refuge for a more leisurely, relaxed and peaceful experience.
The place, which was previously an old churrería, is now a small and cozy space, which makes it quiet and relaxed, being the meeting point for the city's younger generations, who want to enjoy homemade breakfasts, specialty coffee from Hola Coffee, brunch and delicious meals, dishes and natural wines. Every week they change the menu, which reflects their gastronomic creativity and offers different proposals and flavors, generating constant expectation.

In addition to this must-see visit to Paloma's , thanks to Silvana, we took an exclusive Le Periplo tour of some different corners of the city, which included the Roman Aqueduct, the impressive Alcázar, the Cathedral, the Plaza Mayor, and the Jewish Quarter. Silvana also recommended some characteristic places to get away from the known. Below is a brief excerpt: We begin the route from the Roman aqueduct, ascending the Postigo del Consuelo staircase.

Torreón de Rueda Bookstore
One of the most beautiful bookstores with a spectacular collection of second-hand books and old prints, full of shelves across corridors and antique objects with an unusual charm, full of history.
📍 Engraver Espinosa 14, Segovia

The Olphactory Store
This candle and aroma store made in Segovia with a very elegant and minimalist staging, a place where beauty and aroma intermingle. It has an anteroom where aromatic candle workshops are held.
📍 Pl. Medina del Campo 3, Segovia

The Esteban Vicente Museum of Contemporary Art
It is an essential visit to see its selection of temporary exhibitions.
📍 Pl. Bellas Artes, Segovia

The Alcázar Confectionery
The emblematic pastry shop at the foot of the Plaza Mayor, with three generations that continue to perpetuate the craftsmanship and production of traditional products with good quality and flavor. They are creators of the famous Segovian punch, a cake that alternates layers of sponge cake soaked in syrup with layers of light yolk cream, all covered in marzipan decorated with icing sugar with its characteristic diamond-shaped lattice pattern.
📍 Pl. Mayor 13, Segovia

El Pinarillo
Leaving the Plaza Mayor, bordering the Cathedral of Segovia, we enter the Jewish Quarter, surrounding the wall of Segovia and heading towards one of the most beautiful viewpoints to see the "skyline" of Segovia; A walk through the park in contact with the beauty of nature to whet your appetite while you see the Cathedral, the Alcázar and the walls in perspective.

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