After the holidays, family gatherings, copious meals and commitments, it is time to reset, and there is nothing better than doing it with the fresh energy of the new year. Imagine walking through nature to recharge, disconnect and breathe fresh air. The calm of the forest erases any trace of the hustle and stress of Christmas.

We propose a nearby getaway, perfect if you live in Madrid, no more than an hour and a half away: the wonderful Finnish Forest, also known as El Paular Forest in Rascafría. A natural treasure with ancient trees that will make you feel in another world. The trails and the journey are a haven of tranquility, accompanied by beautiful streams and majestic trees. This place is a paradise not only for nature lovers, but also for photography enthusiasts. Its timeless beauty in every corner does not go unnoticed. In spring and autumn, it has an unparalleled lushness and nuances in color range, but in winter, if you are lucky enough to see it snowy, it will seem that you are really where you are, just as its name indicates. Not far away, the El Paular Monastery is another activity that you can add to your visit as it expands a historical dimension. And since you are here, we invite you to complete the experience through the gastronomy of Rascafría, enjoying a meal at Asador Caldea . This place offers traditional regional cuisine, but at the same time presents dishes prepared in a modern style. The setting is in a traditional stone house with thick wooden beams and a cozy fireplace.

This January, give yourself moments of serenity and renewal. Connect with the earth, breathe fresh air and start the year by nourishing your soul.

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