One of the reasons for vacations is to slow down, recharge energy, reconnect with activities or topics that we put aside due to lack of time.

Vacations, after all, serve to take distance and recalculate habits while enjoying the days more slowly, without a long list of pending tasks that fill the days hour after hour. Obviously, this break in a different place entails the enjoyment of new experiences: knowing and immersing yourself in the culture of the region visited, trying flavors never tasted before, practicing leisure activities specific to that place, but avoiding making an infinite list of places and discoveries that, although motivating and stimulating, take us away from the focus of those vacations: living calmly and consciously in the moment.

So traveling on vacation, yes, but without stress, without wanting to see everything at once and in a short time.


Images from the guides to Croatia , La Rochelle and Lanzarote .

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