SEP23 / OCT23


After summer vacations and trips, fall trips arrive. Traveling in September and October has many advantages and choosing a destination according to the season is a practical and smart way to have a 10-hour getaway. The advantages are obvious: stable weather for activities and being able to walk for hours, the destinations are less crowded, therefore, it helps to have a more relaxed experience, prices decrease, and the cities have a different light, and they also begin to take on ocher, brown, and chestnut tones. A beauty to capture in your souvenir photographs.

Our list of destinations for these dates and the reasons. ;)

Very pleasant weather, more hours of light and less crowded.

The same as Lanzarote, plus lower prices.

Especially the second half of September, since the temperatures are very pleasant to walk around the city and if you are lucky you will be able to enjoy the well-known "San Miguel summer."

At the beginning of October, it is true that there may be a downpour after a sunny day, but seeing and photographing the autumn colors that begin to color the city is nothing to miss.

Any time of year is ideal, but an escape to reconnect with fishing tradition and the sea never hurts.

An ideal region to visit in autumn. Wonderful landscapes and nature that are also beginning to turn brown.

These months promise an ideal temperature for walking through the most emblematic neighborhoods of the city.

To explore the Tramuntana mountain range through its routes, the best time is September, temperatures drop and contact with nature is very pleasant and enjoyable.

September is one of the best months, apart from May. A pleasant climate to walk or enjoy a wine on a terrace, less influx of travelers, and sunsets that say goodbye to summer.

Although the best time is summer, in September and October the temperature is stable. A first contact with the beginning of autumn and its beauty through the bucolic towns and countryside landscapes.


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