• Portugal is always a very successful plan to obtain everything that the body and mind need: rest, connection with nature, immersion in culture and enjoying its delicious cuisine. An experience that surpasses any dream, full of beauty, to take a break on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

The house is located in Azenhas do Mar, in the municipality of Colares, just 20 minutes from Sintra, on the west coast of Portugal. A small, quiet town with a charm that is not easily forgotten.

The house, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, consists of 9 rooms designed to offer a unique experience with a minimalist style but with a modest touch of luxury. The rooms are equipped with 100% cotton bedding and towels. Breakfast is served from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and offers regional specialties and homemade seasonal delicacies. Each room has a private balcony with views of the surroundings, making the immersion in well-being even deeper.

A place where well-being, rest and enrichment of the soul are prioritized. An unforgettable hospitality experience, in which the views of the ocean and each sunset are the main ingredients to connect with nature, recharge energy and reconnect with the present moment.

Azenhas do Mar Valley House
Rua da Costa Alva 28 - Azenhas do Mar - Colares, Sintra