• This cabin complex, located on the Costa da Morte and 68 km from La Coruña, is a refuge full of natural beauty that offers a completely different rural immersion, where calm and disconnection reign. The ideal place to discover the most natural Galicia.

A place that stands out for its design, harmoniously integrated with the natural environment, using local materials and sustainable construction techniques. Here, you can experience complete disconnection and serenity, while taking in an incredibly authentic perspective of the Costa da Morte.

Cabañas de Canduas has 4 cabins built into the hillside, distributed at different heights and overlapping to offer maximum privacy, ensuring that guests do not see each other. Each cabin has a rustic but minimalist style, with decoration elements that reflect the culture and history of the region. In addition, they have a balcony that offers direct views of the estuary, equipped with a carved table and stools, a swing and an inviting jacuzzi that is supplied with water from its own well that collects the waters that come from the mountain. All cabins have a kitchen and complete kitchenware so you don't have to leave the room, Smart television and a wood-burning fireplace (available from October 1 to April 30). In addition, a complete breakfast is included in a basket with options to choose from. There are several reasons for not wanting to leave there: enjoy the silence and tranquility that reigns, although the environment offers outdoor activities and walks that can make the stay even more complete.

Some points of interest and hiking recommendations, and of course, gastronomy, that contribute to making your stay at Cabañas de Canduas an authentic immersion experience in nature.

A recommended activity is hiking along the Cabana Promenade from La Ensenada do Lodeiro that connects 9km with Punta San Sebastián, Neaño. The contrast between the green slope full of vegetation and the estuary, with its rises and falls of tides, offers a picturesque image with little boats. In addition, several species of birds can be observed from the different bird observatories along the way. The sunsets in this place give wonderful views.

Another route that almost connects with the cabins is along the side of the Rego dos Muíños stream, a 3 km wooden path with small bridges that leads to the area of ​​the old mills. In total, a set of 24 mills that can be seen full of weeds and with a decadent beauty

On the coast of the town of Canduas, you will find the Mirador de Taboído, with spectacular views of the estuary and the practically virgin sand peninsula. In addition, there are two beaches that stand out for their wild and incredible appearance, hidden among mountains and pine trees: Praia de Rebordelo and Praia de San Pedro.

In Laxe, a town that extends along its beach, with colorful houses, there are points of interest such as the Laxe Lighthouse, the Playa de los Cristales, Praia de Soesto, a spectacular beach, and the Chapel of Santa Rosa de Lima (1941), a small and beautiful chapel located in the highest part of Laxe.

And gastronomic recommendations that cannot be missed on a getaway to Galicia: in the town of Laxe, A Nova Despensa, a meeting place for locals where they can enjoy breakfast or snacks, and you can't forget to try the Galician tuna or cod empanada . In As Revoltas, the Mar de Ardora restaurant, traditional Galician cuisine with views of the estuary. And another restaurant that stands out on the route is the Casa Mosqueira Restaurant in Pazos, an ideal place to try good quality homemade products. They prepare the food in a traditional wood stove.

If the plan is a route through Galicia, you can also visit O Grove .

Canduas Cabins
Ures, Canduas - Cabana de Bergantiños - A Coruña
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