Weekend getaways with our contributors, sharing their best advice and providing information to feel like a local on your getaway and better understand the destination and its corners. Through the capture of their photos and their narrated experience, they offer a different orientation to the city they live in and know, thus forming a relationship with Le Periplo based on respect and transparency. With their experience, they perpetuate the conscious journey to reach the essence of that destination and foster, with their creative talent, unique and meaningful experiences.

  • Gian Marco Tosti

    He lives between Madrid and his native Umbria, he is a copywriter in the fashion sector and a lifestyle journalist. He loves the colors of the countryside in autumn and authentic restaurants, the Dolomites in winter and the Greek islands in summer.

  • Belén Moya

    As a good Madrid resident, she needs to escape from the noise of the city from time to time. He is always looking for charming places, getting lost in beautiful greenhouses and tasteful cafes.

  • In & Out Barcelona

    Their passion for gastronomy and traveling led Stefania and Andreu to found In and Out Barcelona in 2012. The goal? Share and spread the word about restaurants, bars and plans that have a soul, that value and recover the traditions of the past.

  • Andrea Nuñez

    Based in Madrid, but traveling 24/7 around the world, through her gaze and her way of traveling you will be able to savor each trip since the creation of content is especially in restaurants and good coffee.

  • Jerome Sanchez

    Lives in Palma, Mallorca. 5 years ago he decided to move from Colombia to study graphic design on the island. Enjoy touring the island hiking, photographing landscapes and enjoying the Mediterranean color palette.

  • Paula Bello

    He is always looking to be abroad, whether visiting corners of the island or traveling. Through photography he manages to find the ideal medium to express himself and show others how he sees everything around him.