The Le Periplo e-travel Guide is born from the idea of introducing cities from a perspective focused on the lifestyle of the place being visited.

Supporting what Periplo means by definition:
* A long journey through numerous countries.
* "navigation around." An ancient document that contained a set of observations made on a sea voyage that could be useful to future navigators: distances between points, descriptions of the coast, winds,..."

Le Periplo is a travel guide, both physical and digital, that sets itself apart from the guides commonly known.

Exploring through different experiences, such as taking a stroll through a beautiful neighborhood, stopping at a café that serves as a landmark for the locals of that city, engaging in an activity that is common and customary in the area, photographing locations you don't want to forget, and connecting with the moment that the city is living, is the way to describe a journey filled with diverse experiences.

Through our values, we are aware that when we travel, we leave a mark. Therefore, always remain curious to connect with the culture of the destination, be creative, and go with the flow without a specific destination in mind. Discover the essence of the environment, being transparent and honest when sharing what you have experienced.

This is how Le Periplo connects with an active vision through a journey through areas or neighborhoods, making the most of their culture, cuisine, customs... Get to know a different and unfamiliar city organically, travel consciously, understand how the city operates, while feeling at home at the same time.

The directions and details of the locations in the Le Periplo e-travel Guide can be found in both downloadable and printed formats.

The guide is marketed through our website and the sales points listed on the Stockist.

What they say about Le Periplo ;)