Through our new Sicilian collaborator, Laura Sciascia , you will get to know her homeland from the most local and authentic perspective. A different and memorable trip that will stimulate your senses and touch your soul.

Sicily is a land of contrasts and unforgettable experiences. From exploring ancient ruins to relaxing on paradisiacal beaches, every moment takes you on a journey through time and connects you with the essence of the region.

Western Sicily is a destination brimming with history, beauty and authenticity. With a Mediterranean climate that offers warm, dry summers and mild winters, this region is ideal to visit at any time of the year.

This guide, through a tour that begins in Cefalú, will take you through every corner and every story, allowing you to discover the richness and diversity. Beyond the monuments and landscapes, it is the lifestyle and charisma of the Sicilians that will leave a lasting impression, along with their beaches, nature and gastronomy.

Thanks to Laura Sciascia, this weekender guide, adjusted for a short/medium stay, is the introduction to discovering its hidden treasures.