• Located on the Costa de La Laguna, 1 km from Punta del Hidalgo and less than 30 minutes from Tenerife North Airport, you will find real paradise 365 days a year. This place, far from seeming like a mirage, welcomes you and embraces you from the first moment you walk through the door.

An idyllic place facing the sea, surrounded by nature, ideal to enjoy moments of peace and relaxation. The house, with a redesign inspired by the 60s and 70s, stands out for its careful design, furniture and decoration, which evokes an emotional nostalgia but at the same time has a timeless feeling thanks to its marine and natural environment in the fishing village.

The Adults Only hotel has 6 rooms, each in a pastel color such as pink, green, blue, distributed on the upper floors. Breakfast is included and served on the upper terrace overlooking the sea, providing a way to start the day nourished and taking in the beauty of the rocky shore. In addition, the hotel offers experiences for both guests and external visitors, such as brunch and massage, or simply massage, that complement this relaxing stay. Another of the essences of Punta Paradiso is that they use the common spaces of the house to give a voice to Canarian artists with temporary exhibitions that rotate, thus creating a closer link between what happens on the island and the traveler. On the other hand, its location allows you to easily move between the town of Punta del Hidalgo and Bajamar on foot, offering more relaxed activities.

Some points of interest and gastronomic recommendations that contribute to making your stay in Punta Paradiso an experience to repeat. A walk to the Punta del Hidalgo Lighthouse, built in 1992, offers unique architecture that evokes the shapes of volcanic rock. You can also enjoy homemade and traditional Tenerife food at the Columbus Playa Restaurant, which offers homemade and traditional dishes such as potatoes, seafood and fish of the day. A visit with a dip included in the natural pools of Punta del Hidalgo or Bajamar.

Punta Paradiso
Indian Ocean Street 7 - Punta del Hidalgo - Santa Cruz de Tenerife
+34 623 028 889