• La Rochelle - EN (digital)
  • La Rochelle - EN (digital)
  • La Rochelle - EN (digital)
  • La Rochelle - EN (digital)

La Rochelle - EN (digital)

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Welcome to Le Periplo etravel guide La Rochelle.

La Rochelle is a fishermen’s village very popular among the French, but still unknown to the rest. It’s located halfway between Brittany and the French Basque Country. La Rochelle reveals a secret that is located a few kilometers away, Île de Ré. And another alternative plan, Coulon.

◆ 35 Tips.

◆ Short or long stay trip.

◆ City, culture, nature and beach.

◆ Planes alternativos: Île de Ré y Coulon.

108 pages



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  • Proporcionamos Google Maps al final de la guía
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