We have been followers of Sori, a textile designer, for many years. We are united by independent publishing and we met when she was still editing her pattern magazine: Yedraknits. In 2020, she left her native Madrid to create a new home 4 years ago, in the city of her dreams: Amsterdam, and Le Periplo Amsterdam was her welcome package to a city unknown to her at the time, but she soon fell in love and connected. with a city that is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, culture and beauty.

For Soraya, living in Amsterdam is like knitting a sweater full of textures: every street, every corner, is a thread that intertwines to create the lifestyle that fits her personality like a glove. Her passion for weaving and creativity merge perfectly with the vibrant spirit of this city that she likes to define as "a jewel box." In this city, weaving is intertwined with daily life, and it is not surprising that it has become the refuge of weavers from all over the world. Stephen & Penelope , Stephen West's famous store, is heaven on earth for all people like her. A place full of charm that sets trends in the world of fabric; It is not strange to find Julia Wilkens, Maaike Van Geijn, Natasja Hornby, Stephen West or Nancy Marchant herself walking around the city. Amsterdam, with its charming details, distinctive aroma and unique flavor, has been the perfect setting for her love affair with knitting. She still wonders if it was her love for weaving that brought her there or if it was the magic of Amsterdam that sparked her passion for textile art, but in the end she always comes to the conclusion that it was both at the same time.

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"Amsterdam is a treasure, a small and cozy place that you will love if you are a lover of coffee, art, antiques and fashion. If you are looking for inspiration, this city is the perfect destination to get lost and fill your inner well (of knitter, in my case) or what you want to be in yours.

She is our new Le Periplo Amsterdam ambassador, and this is a preview of what will happen in the coming days on her Instagram profile @yedraknits . We encourage you to join its community and subscribe to to get the scoop on what it's all about.

Meanwhile, Soraya reveals two of her favorite places that add to the Le Periplo experience. These are two spaces located in Amsterdam-Noord that can be reached from the back of the Central Station, where two free ferries leave for this avant-garde and less explored neighborhood.



On the banks of the IJ in Noord, is this cultural space located in the former canteen of the Shell offices. It is a very interesting brutalist building that, in addition to the restaurant, houses a concert hall, spaces for yoga, podcast recording or hip-hop classes. It's a place I go to a lot, as it combines the experience of crossing the estuary and having an alternative view of the city from "the other side." The restaurant offers small plates based on local and seasonal products that mix typical cuisine from various places around the world with a modern touch and at a very affordable price. The menu changes continually, but always for the better!

IJpromenade 2, 1031 KT Amsterdam

Van Dijk & ko

Located in the same neighborhood, this is a huge antiques warehouse located in an old industrial building. This place is known for its vast collection of antique furniture and objects. The selection is diverse, and each item has its own story and character. It is a place to get lost among so many pieces, get inspired and find some decorative treasure.

Papaverweg 46, 1032 KJ Amsterdam

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