• Brighton (digital) Spanish version
  • Brighton (digital) Spanish version
  • Brighton (digital) Spanish version
  • Brighton (digital) Spanish version

Brighton (digital) Spanish version

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Bienvenidos a Le Periplo travel guide Brighton.

Esta localidad, situada en la costa sur de Inglaterra y a menos de dos horas de Londres, es uno de los lugares preferidos por los británicos para el ocio estival.


◆ Un recorrido por la ciudad con 19 recomendaciones.


◆ Viaje de finde de semana o corta estancia.


◆ Ciudad, playa y cultura.


58 páginas.

→ A complete list of the top recommendations and reasons why visiting them is recommended, all personally tested and verified by Le Periplo.

→ Access to Google Maps with guidebook locations and recent updates.

→ Presence of photographs and detailed content to give you a preliminary immersion before your trip.

→ Each page brings you one step closer to a different journey, designed to spark your curiosity and provide a mindful perspective on experiencing the world.

→ Le Periplo goes beyond mere maps; they are enriching experiences filled with authentic places to live the journey like a local.


  • Downloadable PDF
  • Google Maps at the end of the guide
  • Resent with each update

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