Through the eyes of Paula, our special collaborator for Weekender, we will focus on the north of the island of Tenerife so that you can enjoy it without haste.

Tenerife, the largest and most populated island in the Canary archipelago, is characterized as a land of contrasts. Thanks to the mountains that cross it and the action of the trade winds, unique and very different places are created, dividing it into the northern, green and humid area; and the south, drier and more arid.

The island offers magical places, full of culture and nature, both in the mountains and on the coast. Therefore, in these pages we will take a short tour of some of the most outstanding municipalities, either for their cultural or scenic interest. We want you to let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of the island and calmly visit the historic centers of Sauzal, La Orotava or Garachico, getting lost in its streets and finding incredible areas with a lot of history. Although we have selected a few municipalities with a lot to see, we have not forgotten others such as Puerto de la Cruz, San Juan de la Rambla or Buenavista del Norte, which we recommend you visit if you have time.