About Us

Founded by Sandra Llopart and Flor de Lis Blázquez, Le Periplo is a combination of what we both develop in our daily lives; creativity, graphic design and photography, as a lifestyle.

Why did we decide to create Le Periplo?

A trip that marked a before and after for us was to the city of Manhattan, using one of the well-known travel guides. That was stressful: almost two weeks putting together recommendations and points of interest, marking them on a map to create an 8-day itinerary and making the most of the city's neighborhoods. That organization was exhausting, especially for people who prefer to anticipate plans and have alternatives in case of unexpected turns in the trip. We still remember the huge open paper map, to see the route and compare with Google Maps.

When we began our journey in creating the brand, we knew that we wanted the organization and planning of a trip to be different from what we were used to, with a calmer, intuitive and exciting approach. We wanted to offer more than just conventional travel guides; We wanted to create experiences that invite you to immerse yourself in the authenticity of each destination. We saw the need to create a way of telling the future traveler about the trip in a different way, with essence and sensitivity, so that it would have an impact on traveling in a different way.

Our guides focus on the present moment that the cities or places are experiencing. , in their traditional and local life, and how they coexist with the new that emerges through their residents. Each guide is provided with an organic tour to make a cultural and conscious immersion. In short, they are designed to help organize the trip with more local, simple, calm and inspirational alternatives. Linked to sustainability, creativity and design, each destination has been tested by us, which guarantees a recommendation based on experience.

The journey begins from the moment you receive and open the guide, because at that moment a journey conscious and different trip begins.

Here we have come to travel!