About Us

Le Periplo was born from the idea of discovering the cities with a perspective focused on the lifestyle of those places. Feeling at home, being very aware and with open eyes of what is yet to be discovered, that is the motivation for Le Periplo.

Founded by Sandra Llopart and Flor de Lis Blázquez, Le Periplo is a combination of what both of them develop in their day to day; creativity, graphic design and photography, as a lifestyle. Passionate about traveling and learning about other ways of living, throughout the guides they create an inspirational philosophy and way of traveling that nourishes the creative soul of those who join them in this way of "looking to see" and contribute with all the beauty that the setting offers. Each place has been explored by them, which guarantees a recommendation based on experience and can be verified on their social media.

We have come here to travel!