Traveling Differently: The Story of Le Periplo

A Trip That Changed Everything

Why did we decide to create Le Periplo?

A trip that marked a before and after for us was to the city of Manhattan. We used one of the well-known travel guides and that was stressful. We spent almost two weeks putting together recommendations and points of interest, marking them on a map to create an 8-day itinerary, exploring the city's neighborhoods. The organization was exhausting, especially for those of us who like to anticipate plans and alternatives in case of unexpected turns. We still remember the huge open paper map, checking it with Google Maps...

When we started working on creating Le Periplo, we knew we wanted a different trip organization and planning, with a calmer, more intuitive and exciting approach. We saw the need to tell the trip to the future traveler in a different way, with essence and sensitivity, so that traveling became an experience from the moment you open the guide.

The guides focus on the present moment of the cities or places, their traditional and local life, and how they coexist with the new that emerges through their residents. Each guide is designed with an organic tour to make a cultural and conscious immersion. In short, they help organize the trip with more local, simple, calm and inspiring alternatives. Since our inception, we have focused on lesser-known destinations and immersing ourselves in the cultural essence of each place, extracting the extraordinary in the everyday, finding beauty in the simplest details and celebrating the cultural richness of the world.

Each Le Periplo guide is the result of careful exploration and love of travel, designed to inspire and enrich travelers' experiences. Our goal is to create guides that offer a more authentic and real vision, allowing travelers to experience each destination like a local.

Traveling differently means doing different, reading differently, eating differently .
Inspired by "Do Course" by Russell Davies.


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  • Me encanta la manera en que enfocáis los viajes, es de mucha ayuda antes de llegar al lugar y además hacéis guías preciosas de colección.

    Sonia A. -

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