Le Periplo

The Periplo etravel guide was born from the idea of making cities known through a perspective focused on the lifestyle of the place you visit. Explore through different experiences, such as enjoying a walk through a beautiful neighborhood, stopping at a café that is the point of reference for the inhabitants of that city, carrying out an activity that is common and customary of the place, photographing locations that you don't want to forget and connect with the moment that city is experiencing.

Le Periplo is a physical and digital travel guide that stands out from the guides that are commonly known so that you feel like a resident and not a tourist.

These known guides are the history, monuments and museums of the city, and an endless number of tips for restaurants, shops and hotels established by categories without any geographical order. However, this e-travel connects with an active vision through a tour of areas or neighborhoods making the most of their culture, environment, customs ... To be a potential "citizen explorer".

The addresses and details of the Le Periplo etravel guide locations can be found in both downloadable and printed formats, in addition to the link provided where you can add these locations to your Google Maps. The guide is marketed through our website.

For more info contact us at hola@leperiplo.com